Review by Matt Anstis
16 April 08

¥1,500 (tax in.)
01. 預言者による黙示録 (Yogensha ni yoru Mokushiroku)
02. 白百合の賛歌 (Shirayuri no Sanka)
03. 主よ、我らの罪をも赦し給え (Nushi yo, Warera no Tsumi wo mo Yurushi Tamae)

Secilia Luna haven't been around for very long, yet it feels like they've been around forever (in a good way). Their first single Ora†orio demonstrated the bands immense talents and Can†ata only strengthens their repertoire. Hinata's voice is unique, perhaps not to everyone's tastes, but his range is certainly impressive and emotive. Yogensha… begins as a more formulaic song, Shirayuri… slows the tempo considerably, a slower balladic [if that's a word] song, and Nushi… picks the pace up again, but is moodier and has darker stabs permeating a bright chorus.
Although not quite as good as Ora†orio, Can†ata certainly holds its own.


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