ショコラ (Chocolat)

Review by Matt Anstis
30 April 08

¥1,700 (tax in.)
01. ショコラ (Chocolat)
02. Pourriture noble [it means noble rot]
03. ショコラ~Sweet version~ (Chocolat)
04. ショコラ~Kayaless version~ (Chocolat)

Kaya's Major Label Debut. What more can I say? This guy really deserves to be major. With all the help he's had on this however, I can't help feeling ever so slightly disappointed with it, but at the same time I can't not say I don't love it!!! Very unlike Carmilla, Chocolat explores the more upbeat side Kaya can demonstrate and sadly that is my only criticism; it's a bit too sweet. Not the sort of work I'd expected of Hora either, but it is rather temptingly sweet in that sense. Pourriture noble is dark and moody trance, hearkening back to his first full album 'Glitter,' a mixture of Paradise Lost and Rose Jail… Good times. With the help of Sugar's SIZNA too, the Sweet version of Chocolat creates a completely different and acoustically beautiful atmosphere, more bittersweet and ever so slightly melancholic.


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