What does Shrotaku mean?

Shrotaku takes its name as a combination of two words. Shropshire, the county in which Shrotaku is based around, and otaku … surely you know what that means.

How did Shrotaku begin?

Shrotaku.co.uk was officially launched on September 24th 2006, but the reasoning behind it's existance has gone on for many years before. In a search for specific anime and manga, most people in Shropshire are forced into looking on the Internet. But what about us impatient fans who don't want to wait for it to be delivered? We'd travel to as many book or DVD stores as we can just to find a specific title. After a long Summer of working in North Wales, Darlo decided he'd had enough and decided to help the seekers of Shropshire. He'd created an answer, and it's name is Shrotaku!

What about the club?

After Shrotaku's forum started to grow, it was innevitable that an anime club would form from it. Although there have been a couple of Shrotaku events held at Infinity & Beyond in Shrewsbury, a regular meeting hadn't been established. We're currently working to solve that.

My shop sells anime/manga, can you add it?

Of course, definately. If you contact us we'll get straight on it!

Why don't you show what titles each shop has anymore?

To be honest it took too much time to visit every store and write down who sold what. The majority of us have other commitments that need our time. But if you're after a specific thing, all you have to do is call the store.

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