G Gundam

Review by Strawsnake
1 February 07

From too much death being caused from wars the countries of the earth decided to host a tournament every four years. Each country would send a representative in a mobile suit to battle, the winner of the tournament gains the sovereign rights over the other countries. In the 13th tournament something weird is going on and it could end it all for every nation. The story starts off with the main character Domon kasshu who is representing Neo-Japan, with his assistant Rain Mikamura they are their countries representatives. Before the tournament has begun Domon is searching for his lost brother as he has not seen him since an accident that happened while creating the perfect Gundam.

I'm a big fan of all the Gundam series and G Gundam has really stood out for me, after watching the first episode I couldn't stop watching it. It straight away goes into the story of Domon looking for his lost brother Kyoji. Starting off in Neo-Italy Domon travels through a list of countries searching and ending up in Gundam fights, even making some friends along the way. Along his journey he is watched and trained by Neo-Germany's gundam pilot Schwarz Bruder. Domon learns a lot of new skills and techniques on his journey to the world tournament but the biggest challenge was yet to come. Devil Gundam, the Gundam set to take over the world, or does the Shuffle Alliance have something to say about it?

The Mobile Suits in this series are like none other, Shining Gundam is Domons first gundam which he uses up to the first fight with Devil Gundam. Domon would have missed the Grand opening of the Tournament if it wasn't for the speed of God (burning) Gundam which was given to him after the fist with Devil Gundam. Some of the other Gundams Featured in this series are 'Gundam Maxter' from Neo-America, 'Gundam Rose' from Neo-France, 'Dragon Gundam' from Neo-China and 'Bolt Gundam' from Neo-Russia.

As G Gundam does not follow any of the other Gundam series it is easy to get into and is definitely worth checking out if you like giant robots beating each other. (Also good if you like soppy endings)

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