呪恋 (Juren) - 犬神サーカス団 (Inugami Circus Dan)

Review by Matt Anstis

¥2,500 (tax in.)
01. 祝祭の行進 (Shukusai no Koushin)
02. 夕焼け (Yuuyake)
03. 欲望 (Yokubou)
04. 捜物 (Soumono*)
05. オルゴール (Orgel)
06. 死に損ない狂詩曲 (Shi ni Zokonai Kyoushikyoku)
07. 憑物 (Tsukimono)
08. 追憶 (Tsuioku)
09. 人面疔 (Jinmenchou*)

Although turning major seemingly years ago now, Inugami have an indies freshness about them, whatever musical oddity they decide to venture into and thankfully Juren is no different. Much like 神の犬 (Kami no Inu), the mini album feels like a concept album, its intro alluding to a festival procession, the rest of the album entertaining elements of supernatural, demons and insanity (a bit of the usual then). Yuuyake is absolutely brilliant, it's catchy and intriguing, Yokubou following suit in a more bluesy atmosphere, maintaining a sense of heaviness. Soumono is excellent, beginning with 犬神凶子 (Inugami Kyouko) talking as if she were having a conversation with someone she hadn't seen in a while. Orgel is, in another Inugami vein, slow and thoughtful, like 鎮魂歌~レクイエム~ (Chinkonka -Requiem-). Shi ni Zokonai… is cheeky and bold, nothing not to like, one of my more favourite songs from the album. Tsukimono is fast and fun, Tsuioku returning to a more orgel-esque tempo, but with a more bluesy feel and Kyouko again taking a speaking part. Jinmenchou finishes proceedings nicely, following the cheeky and Matsuri-esque atmosphere of Shukusai no Koushin.
A well rounded, awesome release, I love it!!!


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