Review by Matt Anstis
5 May 08

¥3,150 (tax in.)
02. Madeth gray'll - Entith de marge
03. Sense of Shape - With your lies
04. LAYBIAL - love affair
05. サリー (Sarii) - 揺篭~堕天使ノ目覚メ~ (Yurikago -Datenshi no Mezame-)
06. Philia - LIFE IS BEAUTY
07. AZALEA - 胎児の夢 (Taiji no Yume)
08. Eze:quL - 終焉の羽 (Shuuen no Hane)
10. Mist of Rouge - Cross Road
11. ヴィドール (Vidoll) - オカルトプロポーズ (Occult Propose)
12. Lubis Cadir - 孤独+無力+欠落=サヨナラ (Kodoku + Muryoku + Ketsuraku = Sayonara)
13. Vice † Risk - Nostalgia
14. オルゴール (Orgel) - Juliet~永遠に美しく~ (-Eien ni Utsukushiku-)
15. vellaDonna - 陽炎 (Kagerou)

Out of the three Omnibi (that is now a word… I have used it three times), this is probably my favourite. Although the first two evoke good memories of Japan (aah yes ^-^ I spent hours on a hot day in October of 2006 browsing the immense collection of Visual Kei I wanted to buy, but couldn't decide how out of pocket the stuff I wanted would put me hehe), it is by far the best compilation of the three. Displaying bands from the five year history of Matina, this collection begins with a belter from MIRAGE, a nice energetic start to the album. Madeth gray'll, in slightly quieter and less angry form continue to thrill, with entith de marge. Sense of Shape do make me laugh, their contribution is slightly… odd, but I like it hehe. LAYBIAL do a good job on this, a nice upbeat song. Then Sarii, no doubt one of my favourite Matina bands on this cd, Yurikago is stunningly brilliant, a real tribute to Kisaki's memory, that he found and signed such an immensely talented group, with such an eeeeevil sound muahahah. Philia too, for that matter are awesomely talented, but their upbeat and happy outlook mark them out as a refreshing take on a Matina formula. AZALEA are suitably moody, leading into my favourite Eze:quL, Shuuen no Hane, a painful and emotive song, which I absolutely love. DAS:VASSER take the pace back to danceable and the mood up a few pegs. Mist of Rouge fit suitably into the Matina fold and deliver a nice melancholic song. Kisaki's stalwart band Vidoll, ahh how I love them so! Occult Propose sees Jyui's voice delivering over a band with panache and pezaz (if that's how you spell it), they are truly brilliant!! Lubis Cadir offer a brilliantly pensive song, which broods with untapped energy in just a right dosage. Vice Risk certainly play the nostalgia card, carrying a nicely reflective Matina sound throughout. Orgel, as I've mentioned before, are by no means my favourite band, but Juliet is a pretty interesting song. The album ends on an amazing high, vellaDonna's Kagerou, a beatiful and complex work, which will always send shivers up my spine. An amazing album if you can find it, worth most amounts of money you'd pay…but I wouldn't buy it if it's stupidly priced.


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