One Piece

Review by Ziggy McLaren
21 June 08

Ok to explain the story, basically this guy wants to find "One piece" and become the king of pirates. One piece is the name of the treasure that Gold Roger, the previous pirate king, had collected, which he supposedly hid all in one place.

So as you may guess One Piece being about a pirate crew, it is a shonen manga and has all the general caracteristics of one; a fast pace, lots of action and adventure, and lots of fights!

Now going in the details,
to start with, to be honest, I found the drawing was a bit weird and it didn't make me feel like reading it. But having got into it since, I think Oda's drawing style is amazing! It's got a more dynamic and wacky side to it than other mangas but the thing is that it just "fits". It brings out the action so much more than if it were drawn more "traditionally".

Second point, well even though it is a manga that targets a young audience, I find it has so much more to it. For one thing, I love all the characters, and each one of them has a extreme and very different personality, but they manage to all fit together perfectly.

Also, with all these wacky characters in a wacky world, as you can imagine, it has a lot of humor in it. To be honest, I genuinally find One Piece so funny it's one of the things I'd be quoting all the time with my friends. And when we'd talk about it, we would be like yeah this bit is hilarious etc and then we'd be like oh and this and this and so on…

But despite this constant humor, it really gets me emotionnally and it is extremely gripping once you get into it, and somehow when you thought it just couldn't get any better it does and the storyline is so unpredictable you never know what is going to happen next!

Anyway, as you may have guessed I really love One Piece, it just brings out this kid inside you that wants to go on adventures and have a laugh. Obviously if this genre is one you hate I'd say don't get it. But if you think it's worth a try, then you'll probably really like it!

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