Prelude IV: An Illusion Of Iridescent


Review by Matt Anstis
5 May 08

¥3,150 (tax in.)
01. DERAIL - ドクバチ (Dokubachi)
02. Syndrome - アルビノ ~Eden's White Version~ (Albino)
03. GARDEN - Present
04. allure idea - 悲壮 (Hisou)
05. ArcAdia - 「Irony」
06. 胡蝶 (Kochou) - 輝夜 (Kaguya)
07. Philia - Reserve
08. Mist of Rouge - エゴイデオロギー (Ego Ideology)
09. Lubis Cadir - 5150
10. ヴィドール (Vidoll) - 偽リノ錠剤 (Itsuwari no Jouzai)

Of the two PRELUDE Omnibi (I refuse to believe this word doesn't exist), I think this one works well as a short one. DERAIL start proceedings with a bang. Syndrome almost immediately take the tone back, with an acoustic rendering of their song Albino (I love Asagi's voice), which is absolutely beautiful. In a less melancholic fashion, GARDEN, makes one feel all happy and fuzzy inside. Allure idea conform to the Matina-esque sound, screetchy guitars, a good vocalist and talented band. ArcAdia deliver something much less ironic than the title suggests, a nice song with a good beat and nice instrumentation. Kochou are rather interesting to say the least, Asagi's early side-project away from Syndrome, it's a blend of Japanesque music and Asagi's haunting voice weaving together, with a beautiful piano. Philia show little reserve, but a lot of balls (in a good way), an awesome band with a nice and refreshing sound. Mist of Rouge sound somewhat surprisingly contemporary, they would fit easily into the Visual Kei market of the 2008's hehe. Lubis Cadir offer up a nice heavy song and Vidoll end on a pill of lies, but a good one, I can't fault Vidoll's Matina career, it was a brilliant time!!! Overall, a nice and short Omnibus to get one's teeth into hehe.


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