Review by Matt Anstis
5 May 08

¥3,150 (tax in.)
01. Madeth gray'll - 黒装束ノ調ベ (Kuroshouzoku no Shirabe)
02. AZALEA - ポルノグラフィー (Porunogurafii [i ain't gonna spell it out for yer lol])
03. Mist of Rouge - 鎖縛 (Sabaku)
04. DESCRIBE - Silent moon
05. オールゴール (Orgel) - Suicide…
06. NADIA - Tears like a snow
07. Zephyr - 久遠の月 (Kyuuen no Tsuki)
09. Eze:quL - 片翼の××日記 (Katatsubasa no x x Nikki)
10. DAS:VASSER - 症候群~シンドローム~ (Shoukougun -Syndrome-)
11. vellaDonna - SABOTAGE
12. Vice † Risk - 「ASK」
13. Dué le quartz - 機械仕掛けの舞踏会 (Kikaijikake no Butoukai)
14. Syndrome - SAD MASK

As Matina Omnibi (I'm guessing that's some form of plural for omnibus) go, Kisaki certainly knew how to plug some of the many bands on the label into a 14 track CD in an order both pleasing and somewhat amusing to the ear. Beginning rather heavily with a nice twisted piece of Madeth gray'll (the lyrics book amuses me to no end, the lyrics are jumbled onto the page, some vertical, some horizontal and in no particular order), it progresses into the more sleazy sound of AZALEA's porunogurafii. Continuing the slightly messed up feeling the CD manages to maintain, Mist of Rouge deliver a short and sharp little number, which is awful amusing. Onto DESCRIBE 0_0… although the singer of DESCRIBE was seemingly vocally challenged, the song itself is a nice and nostalgic one, nothing like its seemingly terrible intro. I've never been a particular fan of Orgel, but this song is bearable. Tears like a snow is certainly one of my favourite songs on here, the lyrics are beautiful and the song works stunningly in conveying the sadness therein. Zephyr take things up a beat, a nice song there. ANTI FEMINISM, hehehehe…. ANARCHY AT THE MAX!!! or not quite… it sounds like it should be The PIASS or something, but it's over before you can really be bothered to care, all a bit of fun ^-^. Eze:quL's contribution is rather…peculiar, but I love their work, something interesting that hooks me to them. DAS:VASSER demonstrate Matina's almost generic sound, not a bad one by any stretch of the imagination, a few squiffy notes here and there but generally pretty good. vellaDonna, another amazing if not highly unappreciated band give hell, in a good way on their contribution, a nice heavy number. Vice risk tempt one in with their nice music-box-type intro and display their latent talent in a fast paced song. Brilliant. Dué le quartz (SHOCK!! yes they were on Matina once) deliver their staple sound, Miyabi's immense guitar, Kikasa's bass and Sakito's voice intertwining to create the delicate balance that certainly got them to my attention. Ending on Kisaki's band of the moment, SAD MASK by Syndrome is an appropriate end, melancholic and beautiful, but lacking the later subtlety and power of Asagi's voice (the group's replacement singer), it flounders a little bit.
Overall an immense album, with a few blips, but brilliant nontheless.


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