Rure (vol 1)

Da-Mi Seomoon

Review by Charlotte Mincher
9 December 07

Rure is one of those typical (slightly cheesy) stories where the main character has a strange affinity with spirits, can see them, talk to them, etc while no one else can. Ha-ru is also the heiress to her family's fortune; a little heard-of island where she's worshipped as a princess. Meanwhile, her half-sister, Mi-ru is shunned by the family as an outcast, and is generally disliked by everyone except Ha-ru. But although Ha-ru tries to get along with her, Mi-ru dispises her, and, on a suitably stormy night and after a row with the family, Mi-ru runs away and falls from a cliff, Ha-ru chasing her and falling to the same fate. They end up in a strange world quite unlike their own, living in the desert with a band of mercenaries (Ha-ru having to hide the fact she's a girl).

But stillā€¦ Much as the story seems to have been done and re-done a million times before, I'm a little curious to see how it all turns out. The main character is genuinely likeable, and the artwork is really nice. It isn't something that comes across as too childish, and there's enough humour there to prevent it becoming too boring and monotonous.

If you're looking for something new without too heavy a storyline, I definately recommend this one. I've generally found the first volume of most series' to be a little slow, and I plan on reading further - if the pace picks up, this could be a new favouriteā€¦

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