Tokyopop Recon

Infinity & Beyond, Shrewsbury

Review by Strawsnake
7 August 08

This was a very fun evening, straight away the Shrotaku regulars gather'd and took the tables. There were plenty of people some dressed up in cosplay and some just wearing their favourite tee's. Once the last few people crammed into the building the fun began, to start off with Paul From I&B went round handing out Pocky and White Rabbit.

Presentations followed with details on all the popular upcoming manga's by Tokyopop and Viz Media. There was a couple of breaks to help people stop melting, it was mighty hot in that building! After the final presentation came the quiz, Team Shrotaku put their heads together to create the ultimate quiz force! In the team it was Darlo (John Darlington), Cute and Dangerous (Leah), Spirit of Darkness (Steph) and Strawsnake (Adam (me))

As each question came along we all looked at each other and decided on an answer we all felt correct (and guessed a couple) at the bottom of the sheet there was a box for which we got to vote our favourite submitted drawing and best cosplay. Some of the drawings were amazing where as some has to be done quickly on the day, we felt it fair to vote for the underdog. Unfortunately the winner was the people with the most friends attending the event. The same people won the best cosplay which was a bit disappointing but they did dress well for the event.

A session of Smash Brothers and Mario kart'age ensued while the quiz's were being marked. A couple of friends of mine who came to the event defeated everyone who dared challenge them! It didn't take long for all the quiz's to get marked completely and the winners of the competition were….. *drum roll*


We grinned as we ruled champion of the anime quiz's! We got awarded with an "Initial D - Nissan Skyline GTR R32". The raffle followed as everyone was given one ticket upon entry into the building. 3 prizes was awarded to one person but 2 of the items got put back into the raffle. Unfortunately noone within shrotaku won an award in the raffle but next time we will!

This is when the evening came to an end and It was saddening to leave, I was really enjoying the company of everyone. We decided to bring the Initial D car with us to the next Shrotaku meeting and give it away there. I hope you all attend!

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